Skogströms Living room

sit back for a cool food & beverage trip!

Welcome to the “Skogströms Living Room” that poped up with us in the park for the first time on 29 April 2015.
It works like this: There is room for 12 guests and guests all subscribing sites and then invite their own guests. The concept can be explained simply like coming “home” to us and enjoy undisturbed by our chefs spanning arch a little extra and provide you with tonight’s sommelier get a ride in our tastes.
The menu varies from time to time. We let ourselves be inspired by the best the season has to offer, our environment and the occasional impulse!
We want you to be able to sit back for a cool food & beverage trip!
Relaxed eating with good food and drink in the comfortable setting simply.
18 000kr for all – one booker one payer.

Upon request