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Välkommen till vårt mysiga hus från kl 17!
Boka bord på bokning@matovin.com

July 05, 2019
July 05, 2019


Welcome to us

In the midst of the Royal Park’s lush garden you will find our inspiring cuisine with food and wine experts, some of the region’s best chefs and high-quality ingredients from local suppliers.

Since 1999 we have been working with our cooking activities and thousands of satisfied participants over the years have given us a wealth of experience, joy and knowledge in the field.

Concern for the raw material and the meeting with the man’s two central pillars of our business. No job is too big or small as long as it is about good good food and interesting meetings. Unless our own house in the park isn’t enough, we are working at other locations.

*Click on the colored days to find cooking classes.

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Contact us

We will answer you as quickly as possible.
Is your stomach happy so is the soul happy!
Here at Mat & Vin you will encounter a friendly and inspiring atmosphere

– in a unique environment.

For us, no tasks are too small, too specialized or complicated.
Almost everything can be fixed and the set-up we decide together.

Welcome to Slottsparken (Castle Park) in the middle of town!

Mat & Vin Slottsparken
Kung Oscars väg 2
211 18 Malmö

Phone: 4640-46 76 92.
Email: bokning@matovin.com




Company name


Påskmeny Take Away - Långfredag 10 april

Hämta hem din påskmeny!

Beställning av meny för avhämtning gör man här senast onsdag innan kl 12.00

Avhämtningsmeny består av 3 rätter och kostar 425 pix.

Hemrökt lax - fläderinkokt vit sparris - krasse & äggcreme, kuvertbröd från St Jakobs
Grillat skånskt lamm med citron & timjan -
vårig spetskål & ramslök - färskpotatis
Rabarber - vit choklad & mandel i glas

Hämtas mellan kl 12.00-14.00
på Mat & Vin Slottsparken, Kung Oscars väg 2

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