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Mat & Vin i Slottsparken is operated since 1999 by Peter and Marie Skogstr√∂m. It started at Malm√∂ courtyard of outskirts of Malm√∂ and Sk√•ne’s most fertile fields, paddocks and nature as its nearest neighbor. In a rustic kitchen with space for 30 guests created cooking activity with the love of the raw material and the exciting meeting between the food and drink in the main focus.

Twelve years later, it was time to expand the business and we moved into our newly renovated food and wine houses in Slottsparken (Royal Park’s) lush garden. We now have place to realize most of our food dreams and with 80 seats is now accommodated a lot more than just cooking activities with us.

Food and wine is our mission and the foundation of our vision. For this vision to become reality, more than one mission: An inspiring kitchen, food and wine experts, some of the region’s best chefs and high-quality ingredients from local suppliers, all of this can be found here at Mat & Vin.

Marie Skogström
Dessert Master

Marie is best known as the winner of Channel 5's program Dessert Masters in 2013, but the merit list is considerably longer than that. PM & Friends in Vaxjo to top restaurants in London, she climbed the tough way up to chocolate production at NK in Stockholm and on to Petri Pumpa. Competitions Coupe Dessert and Wilhelmina has generated both first and second places, and twice, Marie made it to the semifinal of Chef of the Year. Between 2003-2009 she ran the "Forest's Kitchen & shop", a small market hall with restaurant, stone oven bakery and deli in Malmo - a renowned haven that contained most of the good life! Marie hits you with us at dinners and cooking activities when she is out and hold courses throughout Sweden.


Peter J. Skogström
Winner of "Chefs Battle" in 2015

Peter is the most known as Chef of the Year in 2006 and he is also Olympic champion in cooking. Before Peter became self-employed, he worked as a chef at Kronovall Castle and the historic Petri Pumpa. Peter runs since 2009 the company Smarta Kök (Smart Kitchens) with Patrik Alemo, delivering well-prepared local lunch food at various restaurants in Malmö and Lund. One of Peter's major interests are hunting and fishing, and again on the merit list is that Peter took his sommelier diploma in December 2014. He is also current as a contestant in the program Chefs Battle for TV4.


Fredrik Axelsson

Now even the IT manager and is in charge of the bookings. With IHM Business School in the baggage he steered his sails against Kronovalls Vinslott to work with marketing and sales. Once there, he was drawn into the magical world of wine, and developed its sixth sense for the drink, which of course was crowned with a sommelier. Since then, it has been tried many drinks and created many stories. Fredrik rigs party, big or small, and always have a little story delights in his back pocket. Fredrik@matovin.com

Lisa Nilsson

Our sommelier and booking responsible at Mat & Vin. Went during her Sommelier class in 2009 as courses highest scorerer. A woman with sharp taste buds that are always on the lookout for new food and drink combinations that may be the Angels in the soft palate to play sweet music. Passionate cooks with a taste for the sweet. The home of Lisa's almost always a freshly prepared ice cream or a fermenting bunsdough, she is styled to create a welcoming atmosphere. Lisa@matovin.com



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